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Appearing on Bitcoinity

So far I'm only adding well established exchanges. It means that I may be missing many small exchanges in order to avoid a few of them that are scams. I really would like to avoid leading users to places where they can easily lose money. Even with best intentions, fresh exchanges can cause that due to poor security.

API Specification

I can adjust to an existing API. Basically I need access to two things: order book and trades.

So short version, just give me two urls:
Details below.

Order book


Trades should include following fields (naming is not imprtant): Example:
[{price: "1024", amount: "0.1", txid: 2384232, time: 468004331.17142}, {price: "1024.01", amount: "12.345", txid: 2384232, time: 1468004342.94509}, ..]
Note that the price and amounts as provided as strings, to avoid float rounding errors. It's not necessary, but probably a good idea. Example url for fetching trades could look like this:
Properly working since param is very important. It only provides trades that occured after given txid.


Personally I don't care about the ticker because I already have all necessary data coming from trades and order book.

Rate limiting

If there are any limits on how often can I query the API (or how ofter you update the cache), let me know and I will adjust. I'm also happy to provide IPs from which I'm doing the fetching if you can add them to some white list.


If you can provide a websocket with live trades and order book changes, you're awesome. This is how data from the biggest exchanges is updated on bitcoinity. Consider not using but a pure websocket implementation for which there are more clients across different languages.

General API hints

If you have any questions, let me know

My e-mail response time tends to be terrible, sorry about that.